Carl Goldhagen 2014 The Worms Play Pinochle
oil and charcoal on linen 64"x53"


2015 Exhibitions

RAL Henlopen Acres Campus
RAL Art Studios on Rte 9



Members Gallery of Art   
The Corkran, Tubbs & Ventures Galleries
This revolving exhibition highlights works in various mediums by the talented member artists of the Rehoboth Art League. It includes paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, pottery and glass works.


Pairings I
The Collections Gallery at the Corkran
Luminosity and mood play compelling roles in the stories each of these paintings suggest to the viewer -- but they also withhold the full story they imply, creating the ambiguity that forces us to finish the tale for ourselves.

MARCH 10 – 22

2015 Young at Art
The Corkran, Tubbs & Ventures Galleries
This exhibition features some of the wonderful artwork being created by children in our local communities. Over 25 private and public schools in Sussex County participate in this exhibition, which offers these young artists the opportunity to experience what it is like having their art in a gallery.

MARCH 27 – MAY 3

Just Add a Little Water- the Magical Realm of Watercolor Painting, works by The Delaware Water Color Society
The Corkran & Tubbs Galleries
The Delaware Watercolor Society is a 100+  group of watercolorists made up of members from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. This juried exhibition showcases the diversity of the watercolor medium and assists the viewer in gaining a fuller appreciation of its scope.

MAY 8 – JUNE 14

Sensible Forest, works by Alice Valenti
The Corkran Gallery
“Sensible Forest” refers to the meaning of the word ‘sensible’ as it relates to knowledge obtained through perception.  The artworks in this exhibition operate as physical tokens of Valenti’s sensory interactions with the landscape, while also reflecting a personal viewpoint that privileges memory and invention beyond a faithful representation of things seen.

Reflecting Light, works by Cathy Leaycraft
The Tubbs Gallery
Cathy Leaycraft uses nature as the focus of her photographic art making, thus connecting her to the tradition of landscape photography. Shunning computer manipulation in favor of manipulating light and reflection before it reaches the camera, her images develop a dreamlike quality and evoke a sense of timelessness.

Members Showcase: In the Abstract
The Homestead
This exhibition offers a departure from reality in the depiction of imagery. In this juried members exhibition, abstraction is explored through a variety of mediums.


Pairings II
The Collections Gallery at the Corkran

In these three pieces trees are both subjects and artistic devices that use line and positive/negative shapes for compositional framing. Each artist uses different expressive means:
William Leach, impressionistic;
Alexis Young, hyperrealism;
Stanley Arthurs, semi-abstraction.

JUNE 19 – JULY 19

42nd Annual Members Craft Exhibition
The Corkran and Tubbs Galleries
This exhibition showcases a wide variety of imaginative fine arts that are unique, whimsical and functional, including baskets, ceramics, fiber, glass, handmade paper, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media and wood.
The awards judge for this exhibition will be Ryan Grover, Curator at the Biggs Museum of American Art. Ryan received a Masters Degree in Art History, Criticism and Conservation, specializing in American Art, decorative arts and architecture, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2003.

Members Showcase: Animal Kingdom
The Homestead
This juried members exhibition is a collection of visual work that seeks to capture the diversity of the creatures that tromp the earth, soar its skies, and swim its seas. Works in a variety of mediums will proclaim both our connection to and admiration of the animal world, and how it inspires our imagination.


77th Annual Members Fine Arts Exhibition
The Corkran, Tubbs & Ventures Galleries
This exhibition showcases artworks in a variety of mediums by over 150 of the Rehoboth Art League’s member artists. Following a long standing Rehoboth Art League tradition, awards of excellence are presented at the opening reception.

Members Showcase: Drawing
The Homestead
The eight member artists participating in this juried exhibition explore line in a variety of mediums, including graphite and colored pencils, paint, scratchboard and inks. In both representational and non-representational styles, the subject matters in this collection of works includes simple everyday objects, dreamy landscapes, wildlife in natural habitat, and the human form. 


Courage Unmasked
The Corkran and Tubbs Galleries
Selected Fine Artists transform masks used in the treatment of head and neck cancers into powerful and stunning works of art.

Members Showcase: The American Landscape
The Homestead
The American landscape has inspired generations of artists. This juried exhibition showcases works of art that depict the natural American world, including outdoors scenery, geographical environments and related landscape subjects.

Volunteer Members Showcase
Ventures Gallery
This exhibition showcases works in a variety of mediums and created by some of our member artists who graciously give of their time to help support the Rehoboth Art League.


Past Perfect - works by Jeana Eve Klein
The Corkran Gallery
Based upon invented narratives and suggested narratives of abandoned buildings and the celebration of their romanticized imagined past, this exhibition of mixed media quilts includes imagery generated through digitally printed photography and acrylic paint on recycled fabric.

Members Showcase: Lost at Sea
The Tubbs Gallery
This members showcase features artworks in a variety of mediums that reference, illustrate, capture or suggest seascapes. It celebrates our connection to the ocean, and our talented members’ vision and ideas of it.

Members Showcase: Home is Where the Heart is
The Homestead
There’s no place like home. The rituals, traditions and intimate moments that go on behind our front doors and in our gardens transform them from neutral spaces into theaters of domestic life.



Pairings III - Best Intentions
Collections Gallery at the Corkran
Best Intentions
is an exhibition of works both curated and owned by Art League member and curator Lee Wayne Mills. The theme of this show and its major intent is to encourage others who have collected local and regional artists associated with the Rehoboth Art League to declare their Best Intentions by gifting similarly to RAL.

NOVEMBER 9, 2015 – FEBRUARY 7, 2016

Members Gallery of Art
The Corkran, Tubbs and Ventures Galleries
This revolving exhibition highlights works in various mediums by the talented member artists of the Rehoboth Art League. It includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, jewelry, pottery and glass works.



Lewes!, Works by our neighboring artists
Welcome RAL to the Lewes area! There are many talented artists from the Lewes area! and this exhibition features some of the best.

APRIL 10 – MAY 10

Boundaries, works by the Young
Photographers Alliance
The Young Photographers Alliance is an international organization that focuses on community and the fostering of direct, meaningful connections between emerging and established artists. Student members of the YPA from Salisbury University create works based upon the theme of Boundaries.

MAY 15 – JUNE 21

Next, works by Emerging Student Artists
Next is an exhibition of graduating student work from Salisbury University, The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and The Delaware College of Art and Design. Works in a variety of mediums, including electronic and new-media will be on display.


Lines of Inquiry, works by Wayne Weeks
Having received his art education from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Oklahoma, Wayne went on to teach art at several colleges in New Jersey. This exhibition contains stunning figurative works created with both charcoal and oils.

Friday, August 31 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Wayne Weeks Artist Talk Reception.


Invaders, works by Chase Melendez
This exhibition explores the artist’s favorite forms of Sci-Fi, the invasion motif. It consists of vibrant striped organic shapes and forms, which are part of an expansive narrative, inspired by the science fiction genre and constructed with contemporary graphic aesthetics.


The Little House Series, by Carl Goldhagen
Drawing from the energetic distortions and color of mid-20th century cartoons, and with a droll reference to the geometry and the internal framing of late 20th century abstraction, The Little House Series is a kind of mad regionalism of tumble down rural frame houses and domestic detritus.


Using photography and film as a means to capture the essence of self, nature, structure and memory- this exhibition consists of three series of photographs by Kendall Messick, Harold Ross and Jeffrey Stein, who explore the concept of “fading"in our world.
Curator, Jay Pastore


This exhibition will showcase the works of 12 international art jewelers as they respond to selected female portraits from the Permanent collections of the Rehoboth Art League and the Biggs Museum of American Art, in Dover, DE.


The Peninsula Resort on
the Indian River Bay

This is a private exhibition for the residents of this community
and is not open to the general public.



Spring Soiree, a group exhibition
Spring Soiree is an RAL juried members' group exhibition showcasing 2-D works inspired by the Spring season


Color is the New Black - Jan Crooker
This vibrant exhibition will feature works inspired by color, light and the celebration of life.


The Midas Touch - Maurice J. Sevigny
This exhibition will reveal manipulated landscape studies made from an array of art media, ranging from acrylic, metal, leaf and encaustic.


Home and Abroad - Bill Snow
This exhibition, by realist painter Bill Snow, will explore the play of light and shadow in cityscapes, townscapes and landscapes.