2017 Exhibitions

Brooke Rogers Dawn Patrol 2016 acrylic on canvas 35”x 36”

The Rehoboth Art League hosts Gallery Talks as a free opportunity for the public to delve deeper into the arts and humanities content of our exhibitions. A wide range of presenters—including exhibition judges, jurors, art historians, and artists themselves—provide unique perspectives on fine arts, their historical contexts, and how the arts contribute to the human experience.

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2017 Exhibitions

December 3, 2016 - March 12, 2017
Members' Sales Gallery
Corkran, Tubbs & Ventures Galleries

January 6 – February 5
Second Annual Juried Camera Club Members’ Exhibition
Focal Point 2 -  A Juried Members’ Showcase

January 9 - February 11
Watercolors from the Rehoboth Art League’s Permanent Collection

February 10 – March 12
Mid-20th Century Women in Art at the RAL
Modern Women - A Juried Members’ Showcase
Celebrating Women - A Coastal Camera Club Exhibition

February 10 - April 7
Works by Contemporary Female Artists from the Collection

March 18 – April 2
Young at Art

April 7 – May 7
Beaches- Boards and Treats - works by Tara Funk Grim, Nina Mickelsen, and Jan Crooker
Skies and Waves - works by Susan Waters-Eller
Visions and Voices - a Coastal Camera Club Exhibition
Eclectic Views From My Life - works by Jean Doran

April 7 - July 9
Water and Boats (from the Permanent Collection)

May 1 - June 11
Getting in the Mood with Light and Shadows

May 12 – June 11
The Mermaid Project: Chapter 1, Confinement - works by Annaliese Tassano
Director’s Choice
TwoFold: Žaneta Zubkova
Award Winning Works - A Coastal Camera Club Exhibition

May 13 - Gallery talk with Annaliese Tassano

May 17 - July 17
Strength in Constant Motion
(At The Peninsula Resort on the Indian River Bay)

June 16 – July 23
44th Annual Members’ Fine Craft Exhibition
Awards Judge - Elizabeth Deans
Diners and Other Roadside Attractions - works by Gordon Inyard
Mindfulness - works by Joseph Terrone

July 10 - October 1
Illustration, Portraits and France
works by Ethel P. B. Leach

July 11 & 12
68th Annual Cottage Tour of Art

July 18 - September 30
Sky Suite - works by Annie Gudis

(At The Peninsula Resort on the Indian River Bay)

July 28 – September 3
79th Annual Members’ Fine Art Exhibition
Awards Judge - René Treviño
Environmental Impact - A Juried Members' Showcase

August 5-6 & 12-13
44th Annual Outdoor Fine Arts & Craft Show

September 8 – October 8
Rebecca Raubacher - Drawings and Paintings 1975 - Present
Inklings - works by Lynnette Shelley
Pareidolia - works by John Mosher
Of Course You Did! - works by Jonathan McFadden (closes October 31)

October 13 – November 12
Mixed Metaphors - works by Members of the Artists’ Exchange of Delaware
Abandoned Places - works by Michael Hower
Conversations - works by Joachim Gawryolek
In Our Backyard - a Coastal Camera Club Exhibition

November 4 & 5
33rd Annual Holiday Fair - Fine Craft Show

November 17 – December 31
Members’ Sales Gallery

December 2
8th Annual Open House Hospitality Day