April 6 - May 7
Tubbs Gallery

Friday, April 6
5 pm - 7 pm

Coastal Camera Club Exhibition

Paul Hammesfahr Where is this Leading digital print 20" x 16"



Unconcerned with the literal depiction of things from the visual world, in "Abstractions," the photographers from the Coastal Camera Club use shape, line, form, texture, and rhythm to create compositions that exist with a degree of independence from the real world. The juror for this exhibition is Harold Ross.

About the Juror

For more than 20 years, the fine art photographer Harold Ross has been making images using a technique known as “painting with light,” which involves casting light on and around subjects in the dark during a time exposure. Mr. Ross, who also does commercial and studio photography, prefers to call the process “sculpting with light.”

Using a Phase One Back on a Hassleblad for still life photographs and a Cambo Wide RS for landscapes, he spends hours creating his images, which look like oil paintings, rich in color and depth.  more here


 Selected Images

Tish Brey Flowing Color
digital print 12" x 24"

Sue Eberhart Timeless
digital print 23" x 26"

Kathryn Harris Remnants of the Wind
digital print 16" x 20"


Claire Ingley St Peter's Kaleidoscope
digital print 14" x 11"

Kathryn Harris The Gathering
digital print 16" x 20"

Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 17125
16" x 20"


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