May 11 - June 10
Tubbs Gallery

Friday, May 11
5 pm - 7 pm

Ethereal Luminescence 
Peter Treiber

Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 58011, 2016
Sublimation print on aluminum, 32” x 40”



Ethereal Luminescence is an ongoing series of abstract, expressionistic photographs that I originally created at a light show and continue to capture at fireworks shows, urban street scenes and amusement parks. Through abstraction, my photographs capture the drama and excitement of the vibrant and colorful public places that we all enjoy so much; creating a mesmerizing, symphonic explosion of color, light and motion.

Ethereal Luminescence began in a botanical garden forest, at night, where people were viewing a light show. It evolved as I continued to capture those feelings at dozens of public events that use dramatic lighting. The people viewing this show were having great fun, and I wanted to portray that in my photos. The first representational images were neither beautiful nor joyful in any way and forced me to do some challenging experiments with camera technique. After turning the problem of camera motion into an asset, the magic began to happen and was visible on the camera display as colorful abstractions. Amazed show goers volunteered their comments. "Wow! What is that? This is magic! How did you do that? I can't believe the color! These don't look like photographs!" Indeed, my images are not intended to look like traditional photographs. In the end, I am not concerned with the original subject or even the place, but rather the final work as a piece of art. The colorful and popular gatherings make people feel good and my Ethereal Luminescence photographs express those feelings in an interesting and memorable way.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Peter grew up in a family of painters and photographers. After a long corporate, industrial and advertising photography career; he returned to his passion for art and creating fine art photography.

Peter started his photography in New York City as a photo assistant and then earned an AA degree in graphic design at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale, New York and a BFA degree in photography from the Art Center College of Design in California. After earning his BFA degree, he returned to New York and worked as a photographer at three independent photographic studios. Later he became the Chief Photographer and the Manager of Communications Services at International Nickel Inc. Eventually, Peter moved to Bethlehem, PA to work as an advertising photographer for Bethlehem Steel Corp., within their in-house agency. He recently relocated to Rehoboth Beach, DE.

In 2008 Peter published the book, Inside Bethlehem Steel: The Final Quarter Century, that captured the images of steel production at the once great company as well as the history and emotions of its employees during the long, but futile, effort to survive. Treiber has exhibited widely, published two books, and has work in numerous collections including the Library of Congress.

 Selected Artwork


Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 22054, 2016 
Translite print with Kinetic Neon, 28” x 39”

Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 31071, 2014
Fuji Crystal Archive print on acrylic, 40” x 32”

Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 18407, 2015
Translite print with Neon, 31” x 41”


Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 61064, 2017
Sublimation print on aluminum, 40” x 26”

Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 27095, 2014
Fuji Crystal Archive print on acrylic, 40” x 26”

Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 7555, 2016
Translite print with Neon , 41” x 31”


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