April 20 - 29
Homestead Gallery

Musical Notes by
Honoré Daumier

From the Collection of Ray and Valerie Bryant

Honoré Daumier
c. 1850



Honoré Daumier (1808 – 1879) was an artist who brought both profound emotion and humor to his craft. The same might be said for Egon Gartenberg (1911-1982) who enjoyed an eventful life of great passion and merriment. The story of Professor Gartenberg's life – featuring an escape from Europe during World War II and culminating in a second career as a music historian and impresario in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – is filled with adventure and consistently punctuated by his two great loves: art and music. Belle Gartenberg, also a musician, embraced her husband's love of art almost from the moment they met in 1944. Together they frequented galleries and bookshops in search of Daumier lithographs and woodcuts, especially those dealing with the subject of music. We are extremely indebted to Ray and Valerie Bryant, the family of Egon and Belle Gartenberg, for their generosity and desire to share the "musical notes" from their collection with a wider audience.

This exhibition consists of twenty-five works from the Gartenberg Collection.

Adapted from the Forward of "Musical Notes by Honoré Daumier- Prints from the Collection of Egon and Belle Gartenberg," by Jan Keene Muhlert, 1993, Palmer Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania University, University Park, PA.